Westside ESOL Coordinate- Ms. Martinez

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Ms.Martinez was inspired to teach in ESOL becuase she loves to help people learn english. When she was in highschool she was placed in ESOL. Martinez likes the different cultures from each of her students, she even knows a lot about each cultures. Ms.Martinez has been working at Westside for 14 years. During her years working here she has been alone, but since last year they’re were others. When asked about the life vaules she carries, she responded with empathy and patience. Most importantly the lessons her parents taught her. Her job is to help the student to succeed in the classroom. Currently, she is working on her bachelor for teacher. At first she didn’t want to be a teacher but wanted to be a teacher after entering Westside Highschool. We asked Ms.Martinez how do kids get put in ESOL and she stated that when they are applying in our system, we (the faculity), give them a test to see how much english they know. Our ESOL coordinate does have a daughter, but even though she speaksn spanish, Ms.Martinez made it very clear that she is not in an ESOL program. She also feels as if foreign citizens or residents should feel proud where they come from. Westside had a multi-cultural night thrown by the ESOL Department (Ms.Murray), and Martinez was there. Shen felt so happy and proud and leaves a message that you can succeed and can do anything.

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