School-Related Mental Disorders

Chyna Anderson, Author

For the past decade, there has been an pressing issue dealing with progressive mental illnesses and substance abuse. These problems are fairly common in teenagers and young adults, specifically the high school students.

Students have been reported using marijuana and other illegal substances on school campus. Furthermore, it seems that students are showing symptoms of disorders such as depression and anxiety. Many will argue that such problems only occur outside the school environment and therefore have no correlation with the educational system.

On the contrary, school is the number one cause of stress among children and adolescents. Teens are constantly pressured from every angle and criticized for not doing their best. The last of communication and creativity allowed among students also plays an important role in the development of a child’s mental health.

Teens who are told to remain silent and obedient can’t possibly function properly in a working environment, and teens who are judged for their creativity will inevitably have low self-esteem.

Not to mention the stress due to isolation, mental exhaustion, and lack of rest. School work from eight different classes plus extra curricular activities can be taxing both physically and emotionally. School starting before the sun hasn’t even risen isn’t a good way for students to mentally engage themselves. Having to remember information from multiple subjects does little to improve a student’s cognitive ability. At this point, school is no longer about learning. It’s about passing.

The role the parents play in the educational system also impacts a student’s mental health. Anxiety is developed when parents expect their kids to not only do well, but to be better than everyone else. Students who don’t make straight A’s or B’d are considered failures in the household environment. Naturally, these children grow up to be depressed adults with low self esteem.

In school you have to choose one thing: sleep, passing grades, a social life, or a healthy mindset. Apparently, you cannot have all four.