Q&A With Skinny Porter

Allysiah-Rose, Publisher/Writer/Editor

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Q: What are your two favorite sports?

A: Basketball,Horseback riding

Q: What grade are you in?

A: Senior

Q:Do you paracipate in senior activities?

A: Yes

Q:How is senior life?

A: It’s not what people make it seem like. It’s very stressful, worrying about grades. And if you get in a fight, YOU ARE NOT GONNA WALK!!

Q:Are you apart of Westside SGA?

A: Over the school’s social media (Instagram)

Q: Can you give us any upcoming activities?

A: Senior Bomb Fire

Q: How old are you?


Q: Do you have a love life?

A: Yes, my ex is my cousin and i LOVED him soooo much

Q: Is having a love life distracting for you as a senior?

A: Naw not really

Q: Do you have any siblings that go here?

A: Yes, I have one little brother in the 9th grade

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