All About Mrs. Brooks- Q&A Edition

Allysiah-Rose and Danna Rivera

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Q: What inspired you to become a language teacher?

A: I was inspired by one of my mom’s student that spoke french. Everytime he would come over, he would speak french to me

Q: What is your native language?

A: English

Q: What school did you first teach at?

A: I taught at the school I graduated from- Raines

Q:What college did you graduate from?

A: Berry

Q: How do you feel about being around different cultures?

A: I love it

Q: What other languages have you expereinced?

A: German

Q: How do you feel about students wanting to learn about others?

A: I love to educate people, and teach people  different dialects

Q: What countries have you visited?

A: France, Spain, Mexico, North Africa, Polland, The Bahamas, Jamaica

Q: Out of all the countries you have visted which country is still tied to their traditions?

A: France and Spain

Q: When you’re teaching your students spanish,what do you teach them, grammar or the accent?

A: I’m old fashion, the grammar

Q: When you as in solo are speaking what dialect do you use?

A: Spain




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