Teen Pregnancy… How do you feel about it?

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Today we gathered peoples opinions on teen pregancy. We got mixed answers but majority of the people said that it is bad and kids should worry about other things. Mr.Thompson said “(teen pregnancy) should’nt be honor what the bible says and don’t have sex until marriage”. A lot of the adults we asked felt very strong about the topic because they feel as if it “ruins” kids lives. Ms.Brooks said “I’m sad about it because teenagers , emotionally , financially. and physically are not ready for that. It will be extremely difficult , to continute your education , on top of all these new things they have to juggle. Please avoid it because it inturupts your life and at this point your life should be about you.”  There were also some people that we asked that felt that teen pregnancy was not a bad thing. Ms. Hendrix said “It is an issue but it is apart of society because teens are going to have babies but as long as the mother is supported and stays in school it is okay.”

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