Welcome To The New Freshman Council!!!!!

Allysiah-Rose, Publisher/Editor

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The new freshman council is here!- We have regrouped because the old council was putting in too much work when she was supposed to be working as a group with the others. But now, we are TOGETHER. We, Allysiah-Rose Brown, Jayda Laurence, Jamian Kietliger, Samaji Jones, and Brianna Hills. Jayda will be our treasurer, Samaji will be our vice president. Jamian will be our secretary, I (Allysiah-Rose), will be the representive, and last but not least, Brianna will be our president. In our freshman council we will include everyone, and have more activties for 9th graders. Knowing that the year is almost over we are trying to make an easier path for the upcoming 9th graders. We already plan on doing feild day with ESOL, and making art crafts with ESE. We even want to sell candy/chips after school or maybe clean an empty room and sell them during lunch. We are working on becoming leaders early in our life and WE WILL!

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