School Subjects That Should Be Taught

Chyna Anderson

Schools across the district have a strict core curricula that all students must go by. As most people know, these important classes are math, science, history, and literature. There are also electives that students are “obligated” to take in order to graduate. Some include, but are not limited to, physical education, journalism, leadership education, culinary arts, digital arts, home economics, etc. While these classes are somewhat beneficial, there are several other things a student needs to know before he or she is ready to enter the real world. Here are some classes that should be taught here at Westside High.

Personal Finance

Naturally, many of our future adults are likely to make poor investment choices. Over half of the U.S. population is in debt, possibly because a majority of those individuals weren’t well-informed of their decisions. A student needs to know what happens when it applies to money, and how to overcome major financial crises such as student debt and bankrupcy.

First Aid

In an emergency situation, a person should know what steps to take, whether it’s a bullet wound or  frostbite. Thousands of deaths happen each year because Americans either don’t know first aid or were poorly informed. A student shouldn’t have to have a degree in Healthcare Profession in order to take care of themself.

Basic Maintenance

Instead of calling those expensive plumbing and electrical companies, students should know what to do when an appliance goes awry. Many people across the globe are living in homes that aren’t fit for human habitation. Such homes comprise of multiple problems that can easily be fixed by a professional. While many Americans can’t afford professional maintenance, there should be ways an individual can somehow fix it themselves on a rudimentary level.

Self Defense

It’s a dangerous world out there. A great number of people, namely adolescents, are either beaten, raped, or mugged each year. A student should know how to prevent problems like these in an event they are being attacked by an individual. They should also be taught how to responsibly go about preventing an altercation without immediately resorting to violence. Education in this field will greatly impact the well-being of people all around.

Mental Health

Stress management, coping skills, and treatment of mental disorders are important throughout one’s life. This subject should be mandatory to all students, regardless of how good their life is going. Knowledge of mental health will certainly lead students to live happier, healthier lives better than physical education can ever hope to teach.

In conclusion, these should be the subjects taught to students not just in high school, but in every grade level. It should never be too early to teach children and adolescents what needs to be managed throughout their lives. Adults who are worried about the future generation can start by pushing them in the right direction and help them in areas that are most important.