Words to Use Instead of “Said”

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Teachers can testify that students have a habit of using the forbidden word in their essays. The word we all use multiple times throughout our lives. That word is ‘said’. You’re familiar with that word aren’t you?

On behalf of all students who’ve had points taken off of their papers, simply for abusing this word, a list has been compiled in order to take the place of the words you’ve been using.

In Response To

Acknowledged Protested Responded Ansewred Argued Remarked

Input/ Join Conversation/ Ask

Added Implored Inquired Insisted Proposed Queried Questioned Recommended Testified

Guilty/ Reluctance/ Sorry

Admitted Apologized Conceded Confessed Relented Professed

For Someone Else

Advised Criticized Suggested Admonished

Smart Mouth

Articulated Asserted Assured Avowed Claimed Commanded Cross-examined Demanded Digressed Directed Foretold Instructed Declared Predicted Proclaimed Theorized


Countered Contented Argued Remarked Debated Objected Corrected Added Chided

Listen, Buddy

Enunciated Explained Elaborated Hinted Implied Lectured Reiterated Recited Reminded Stressed

Dude, This Is Important

Confided Offered Urged Implored Pleaded Warned Cautioned

I’m Just Saying

Declared Decreed Mentioned Noted Pointed Out Postulated Speculated Stated Vouched

Don’t Care

Ventured Dismissed Waved Off

Bro, Shut Up

Chattered Babbled Rambled Droned Prattled


And there you have it. These are words that convey the tone of what you’re writing. Next time you’re required (forced) to write an essay, you can use these. You won’t regret it, and your English teacher will greatly appreciate it.


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