The struggles of being an non-traditional Muslim

I just converted to Islam just about a year ago, and the struggle is hard. At first i thought that not eating pork would be hard for me considering that I love ribs and bacon, but to find out I can handle not eating those things. That’s how I knew for sure that this is what i’m supposed to be. Besides the eating habits, for those who knows me knows that I don’t cover my hair- And I’m proud of it! I strongly feel that my hair or clothing does not define who I pray to at the end of the day- and to make the situation even worse I support the LGBTQ+ community. I don’t care what other muslims say- You love who you love, and for the most part…It AIN”T NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I never had the problem with the “terriost” jokes, but I can understand that. I’m not from a Islam country, but for me being latina that is a rare. Usually in the latino community we are catholthic. But I don’t mind me being different, cause there are alot of traditional and born muslim women who don’t wear their head covering, but for some reason converted islams get more bashed instead.


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