Q&A with Courtney Ervin: Highschool Relationships

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Q: First thing’s first, do you believe in high school sweethearts?

A: Ummmm, most definetly not.

Q: Have you ever met somebody who you think you’d be with forever?

A: NOPE, these relationships are just for fun. Let’s be for real.

Q: Have you witnessed any people not being faithful to their relationship at this school?

A: I’m sure everybody has! There’s barely a handful of legit relationships.

Q: Do you believe in “different schools” relationships?

A: I say yeah, only because I wouldn’t date anybody at this school. So another school it is!

Q: Do you take high school relationships serious?

A: AHHHHHHHHHH no! I mean, if I get in one it’ll be because i’m serious. But, nah, so far, nobody really taking their relationships serious.

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Q&A with Courtney Ervin: Highschool Relationships