Love, Death, and Other Worlds

Xavier Robinson, Reporter

The world is a curious place. I would say it was a happy place. Possibly a sad place, or even cruel. But none is true. Those are opinions. One thing it is, without a doubt, is the fact that it is curious. The inspiration for this story is my personal knowledge and past experiences shared with others. I am sorry if this article causes any depression and I hope that you can gather any bit of happiness and curiosity before you read. Please leave me some comments if you will. I would love to see what you think.

Love, everyone has a different experience. Different opinions to define what we consider an emotion. I believe that there isn’t really someone “made for you” or love at first sight. I don’t think that you will see someone and instantly love them forever. This does not mean I don’t believe in Love. Love put in a person, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, it is all based on memories. When a loved one dies, or you lose someone you don’t miss them because of some first love energy. It’s those memories you made, those emotions you created. Moving on and recreating those emotions is possible, yet those memories will always be unique.

Sadly, this article is not on love. That is not its basis. You see, major cases of emotion and trauma can cause all kind of faults in your brain. Hallucinations, Paranoia, even insanity itself. Even falsly creating someone, and creating false memories with a face that you might have just glanced on while walking down the street. It has been proven and confirmed all throughout our history. This proves that love is just as much of an illusion, or a creation of the mind, as any. It is up to us how real it is. How we see death, how we see love, what makes us “us”.

You can only see, what your mind has already seen or created through imagery and thoughts. Proof of this is the fact that you can never imagine a color you have never seen. A new color. Its impossible. People such as H.P. Lovecraft have made a lot of money of there stories and creations, even if caused by their own mental illnesses such as schizophrenia(A type of illness that can cause hallucinations, hearing things, ect). If you know anything about H.P. Lovecraft, You know that he has thought of some of the most horrific, distorted and facinating creatures, gods, and worlds and placed it all on the pages of a book. He is well known for being the inspiration for Stephen King(The writer for “IT”.) But ask yourself this, Where did they imagine this? What was the inspiration?

As a schizophrenic I can say the largest thing I have ever seen (while not being a God) Was in fact a whole nother world. It’s terrifying, and depending on how creative and real your imagination is, the things in these illusions may very well be able to hurt you, and ONLY you can defend yourself. Help me understand though, what was it that people like us have seen to create this. Something never imaged. Memories of a life before birth or before this world? Or maybe a world right on top of our own. A different frequency. Our eyes seeing it but our actual mind connected to our vision not being able to see it visibly. This would mean our mind could in fact process what we saw even now we ourselves, can’t visibly see it. Schizophrenics just being able to open the doors to see what they have always seen.

I believe there are horrific things in this world. Not unworldly as the fact they have always been here. Just remember, all of that may just seem like an illusion or false all together, and I respect that opinion, But that would make it just as much of an illusion as what you all call love.