Things That Movies Get Wrong

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Many of you have probably seen an action or science fiction movie portraying exciting or disastrous events that the protagonist manages to escape. Several skeptics may have noticed the scientific inaccuracies in their favorite movies. While H0llywood does a great job of bringing the movie to life, it does tend to break the laws of physics every once in a while. Here are a few important things to know:

You Can’t Outrun a Car

The average human runs as fast as thirty miles per hour, granted they’re running at top speed. A car can go 100 miles per hour or more, going at top speed for an interesting amount of time. Even if a human could run that fast, they would still need a high stamina and the ability to run for hours without food or water. Movies guilty of this are usually action films with car chase scenes.

Your Body Doesn’t Turn Frozen Instantly

On the contrary it can take almost an hour for the human body to freeze, even in the most frigid temperatures. Human flesh does not conduct heat at a fast pace, meaning the heat does not leave your body as quickly as you want it to. It starts out on the outside of your body and then slowly works its way inside until all of your body heat is properly sapped away. Movies guilty of this are usually sci-fi films that take place is space or Anarctica.

Guns Must Constantly Be Reloaded

This is the most common television faux pas. Apparently cops and soldiers don’t need to reload their weapons. They come with an infinite amount of bullets, which allows them to shoot their victims for ungodly amounts of time. However, in a real gun fight, which usually ends with about three shots, a gun must be reloaded in order to keep shooting. Movies guilty of this are the Terminator and, you guessed it, the Matrix.

It’s Impossible to Fall in Love at First Sight

You can’t. Enough said.

DNA Results Don’t Come Back Instantly

It takes 8-10 weeks to find out whether two different people relate to each other, not just a few hours. Looking at you, Maury.

In conclusion, the next time you enter a movie theater, be sure to notice the inaccuracies occuring on the big screen. The last thing you want during an action or sci-fi is a Hollywood blockbuster covered in lies.


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Things That Movies Get Wrong