What do you like least about Westside?

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There are many pros and cons of going to Westside High School. The hallways are thin, there is a lot of people, A LOT of fights, there is just no determination to go to school anymore. Nobody is excited to go to school anymore because of the lack of interest in the subjects and it is hard to focus now because students who don’t want to learn make it hard for people who, do by talking and causing unnecessary distractions. We interviewed 4 students and asked them what you like least about westside.

1.Jerry Cooks

“The lunch line”

2. Courtney Ervin

“The boys so dirty and ugly, plus they be stank”

3. Jayla Wilson

“The people, they so freaking aggravating”

4. Tania McClain

“Time between switching classes, and the lunch lines”


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What do you like least about Westside?