How to Be a Better Writer

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Greetings to all aspiring writers. Whether it’s an essay, a novel, or a poem, many of you possess a gift that not everyone can acquire. There are a considerable amount of techniques you can use if you want to improve your writng. Here are some ways you can be a better writer.

Use Correct Dialect

What that means is to choose your words carefully to appeal to the reader. Not every book or article has to have fancy words such as verisimilitude, or absquatulate. It all depends on how you put your words together to form a language that not only fits in with your story, but intrigues the audience. The language you use controls the type of readers you’ll have.

Be Descriptive

When writers fail to use words that decribe the actions that take place, their works become boring and repetitive.

Example: “The sad boy went to bed that night.”

Pretty average, right? Let’s try to improve that sentence.

“The boy sighed dejectedly. His heart ached as he reflected on the events that took place. Not knowing what else to do, he crawled into bed and settled into a painful, restless slumber.”

Much better, isn’t it? We get a more thorough glimpse of what’s going on in the boy’s head rather than the vague description of what he’s doing. Simply by adding words and elaborating, it can make it seem like we’re living out the stories the same way the characters are.

Grammar, Grammer, Grammir

One of the more frustrating aspects of writing is when the author fails to use the correct spelling or punctuation in their works. Yes, the English language can be difficult at times, but it would be nice to get a brief understanding of your writing without having to tear our hair out. How well your grammar is reflects back on how good you are as a writer and how coordinated you are as a person. Adequate spelling, punctation, and language are basic skills that exponentially make your writing better.

Make It Interesting

No matter what your topic is, make it interesting. Make people want to read it. Whether it’s including a catchy title or using informal words, make sure your story or poem is eye-catching and inspiring. No one likes a boring story. Liven it up a little by using a dramatic plot or some dark undertones. Perhaps include a bit of humor in there as well. Just make it good enough so that people will enjoy your works.

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