Student Problems

Caleb Thomasson

Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2

Q: Do you feel the schools staff cares about you?

A1: No, some do [but] majority [don’t].

A2: Not completely, but yes.

Q: Does this school make you feel like you matter or have a purpose?

A1: No.

A2: Sort of.

Q: Do you have enough freedom at school?

A1: Sometimes no sometimes yes, in general not really.

A2: Not really.

Q: Do you feel safe all the time?

A1: Yes.

A2: Not all the time, most of the time.

Q: At lunch do you get fair treatment?

A1: I don’t go to lunch, it’s not worth it.

A2: Yes.

Q: How do you feel about our principal?

A1: She seems ok.

A2: I don’t really know her, [so I’m] not sure what to say.

Q: How do the police officers around school make you feel?

A1: I was unaware about them.

A2: Safe.