Highs School Eye openers And Advice


Nyah harris

Anyla Rhabb is the person I interviewed she is from mandarin high school. I asked her a few questions and they are:

Q: How do you think high school is different from middle school?
A: There is way more work, there is more people in the school, there are more responsibilities, and it pushes forth into your future

Q: What do you dislike about high school?
A: All the work and food

Q: What advice would you give to future freshman?
A: Find the right crowd to be around, keep in mind friends come and go, don’t let that prohibit you from doing your work, try to go to school everyday and be on time, don’t get caught up with these boys and just enjoy high school while it lasts.

Q: What do you hope to improve in school by the end of the school year?
A: I hope to improve my gpa

Q: What do you wish you did better freshman year ?
A: I wish I would’ve took my classes more serious