Black Culture/Rap Culture in America

Black Culture is apart of mainstream America with a deep rooted historical background. Black culture oftentimes employs, but is not always defined by black people because it is often multicultural.

Being black in America involves a process of moving through and adopting from many different cultures. To define what’s authentically black is virtually impossible, as there are as many ways to be black as there are black people.
To get a better view point of teenagers, who are growing up in the era of the starting point of black culture as whole, here are a few of my classmates.
What’s your opinion on Black Culture?
Do you think rap culture affects how teen think?
Do you think rap culture affects how people think of Black culture?
Do you think rap when it was first introduced is better than rap now?
What do you think rap now?
Who’s your favorite rapper from then?
Cortlan Davis – 9th grade
1)It’s one of a kind, there’s no way to describe it.
2)Some adapt to it, others ignore it.
3)Yes, to them it protrays violences but to us, it’s poetry.
5)It’s trash.
6)Biggie Smalls.
Mylon Douglas – 9th grade
1)Strong and inspirational.
2)Yes, because everyone wants to be black.
3)Yes, because they take offense to it.
4)It had more of a story to  it.
5)It’s catchy but it defeats the purpose.
6)Biggie Smalls.
Javaughn Cash – 9th grade
1)Black culture is they clowning on each other.
2)It fills their minds with misery.
3) Yes, because everyone want to be like everyones.