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Yazier Serrano is a 17-year-old boy from Westside High School. He plays the sax in our school band, and in this interview he shares his point of view about music.

Everybody likes music, but sometimes music has a different impact on each person. For some people, music is everything or for others it’s just a type of “noise that sounds good.” But something we can’t deny is that everyone needs music in their life.

Yazier thinks that music is like the bread we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe. “Every type of music exists for every type of occasion.” For example, when we are sad, there is music that can make you happy, when you need motivation in the gym or just to do your chores there is music that gives you the strength and motivation you need.  In conclusion, music is everything.” he said.

Yazier likes electronic music, his favorite artist in the genre is Marshmello. He knows that this type of music is not liked by everyone, but that’s why so many different types of music exist because everyone has their own style.

“Music makes me think about everything and at the same time helps me forget everything, it has multiple purposes,” he said laughing. “That sound makes my body vibrate and move, and my mind travel like a train. It’s incredible, the effect of music in a person, and that’s what makes music so important in everyone’s life.”

In his opinion, the world can’t live without the music, life would be gray without it. A party without music is a sad place with bored people inside. The same happens with movies, weddings, and even life. For him, the importance of music is bigger than people think and show. “I don’t know why it’s not such an important thing in schools, I think that music class is just as important as math class.”

He start play the saxophone this year in the school band, but despite his little time playing he feels a big appreciation and a great proximity with his instrument. He feels as if everyone needs that feeling because there’s no better therapy than music. He had never played an instrument before, but now that he does, he feels that he should have done it before.

“Everybody should learn music. Not just an instrument, I mean really learn about it. Music should be no longer an elective, everyone should know something that is so important and constant in our life. Music really can save and help lives, and there’s no better medicine than a couple of melodies. And if someone can say that, it’s me, because music is what help me in any situation, and I know it can help you when you need it and even when you do not need it, too. Because that’s how music works; music is always there,” he finished.

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