The Stevensons

Aliyahh Spann and Latanya Johnson

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A Walmart truck driver and his wife, a cupcake baker and photographer, visited a Journalism 1 class during 6th period on Wednesday.

Chuck and Michele Stevenson, from Dover, Delaware moved to Jacksonville about 4 months ago. Chuck is Mrs. Maraghy’s cousin.

He wore his Walmart work shirt with “Chuck” embroidered on the pocket.

Students peppered the couple with questions about their past, present and future. They were most interested in the couple’s long time love story, getting pregnant in high school and then married as teenagers.

Chuck and Michele have been together for 37 years, They have two children. Their love story started in 1980 at a swimming pool in Delaware.

The couple agreed it was a struggle. Michele’s Christian school kicked her out upon learning that she was pregnant. She was not allowed to walk the stage at graduation either. They lived with his parents and he worked full time. Sometimes all he had for lunch was relish packets. Today, they have two sons and five grandchildren. Their oldest son, Chuck Jr., recently was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Chuck boasted that Walmart is an incredible company to work for, good pay and benefits.  He wishes he would have hired on his 20s.

“If I did, I would be a millionaire today,” he said.

Michele, who sells her homemade baked goods, brought some chocolate caramel cupcakes for the class, which students devoured. Some asked for business cards and said they would be ordering more in the future.

Both Stevensons encouraged students to stay in school and get their work done, be a good person and get a good job.

Chuck also stressed that students who drive be very careful when on the road with truck drivers.



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