Westside’s High School reaction the the New Zealend Tragedy

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It’s been a while since we openly discussed the New Zealend tragedy, and I know it’s a contreversial topic but we haven’t heard Westside’s opinion yet. For those who don’t know muslims were attacked in a Mosque while praying. It shocked everyone! An honorable society does not wish harm on anyone from creed, ethincity, religion or any other region-However to hear a public school with majortity ehtinic attendance, that would and could change people’s perspective on hate crimes such as these. Here below are the questions we asked to the remaining people to decided to particpate in this report, and questions that you should keep in mind as well.


  1. What was your reaction to the New Zealend tragedy?
  2. Do you have work experience or have befriended someone who praticed Isalm?
  3. Have you ever witnessed a Muslim being discrimaited?
  4. Do you have children/a younger vewier who looks up to you? If so, how would you tell them about tradgies like this, and explain hate/discrimination and equal rights?
  5. (Bounus Question)- Do you think the judicial system is bias when it comes to reliogious organzations?

Starting off with Mr.Ridgon:

“I was pretty shock that this happened in New Zealend. New Zealend has gun control so it was pretty shocking. My wife has freinds over there but luckliy they weren’t affected. I actually have worked with muslims, and I think it is harder for women who pratice Islam than men. I have never discrimiated. I would make sure that my kids see me treating people equal and to never question anyone’s equality. I never had muslim students that I know of.”


“I am aware of this tragdey. I absoulety think that other countries are reacting the way we (America) should to these shootings, and it’s unfortunate America is not reacting that way. Yes, I have worked with Muslims including students. I’m Jewish so I defentliy experienced discrimantion, but I don’t think that I ever witnessed muslims being treated differently. I believe we should always treat people with respect for their excperience because we do not know what that person has gone through.”


“I feel ashamed of our human race for being so cruel. I have worked with Muslims and seen discrimation in airports. When I was flying international I felt bad for women and seeing the differences in the female clothing. I would want to be a model example of treating anyone fairly I’m also very cultural. I went to places such as Thailand and enjoyed it and their culture. My oldest son is engaged to a Jewish female and he may be converting.”


“I like to think that the system itself is unbiased but I recognize that a system is only as reliable to the people working within it. And there is anything bias and prejudice among people who live in the U.S. and are a part of the injustice system. Yes, I have seen racial discrimination in general (i.e. student athelets) When we travel other coaches have told my team to go back to Mexico, and even seen and expereinced sexism on athletes. I seen religious discrimanation and religious ignorance. People saying something insulting because the person doesn’t know information. Explaing equal rights is easy. Everyone deserves equality and that it is everyone’s responsiblity to make sure others get those chances. Some are ignorant, some are hateful, we can’t control other people but we control how we respond. There’s this old tv show Mr.Rogers and he said “Focus on the helpers”, meaning there could be a whole big scene but focus on the people who chimed in to help, the people who tried to bring attention to the situation, not so much of the person who caused all this catastrophe.”


“Yes, yes, yes, yes. I had a friend who was muslim and other students would laugh about her hijab, they would ask racist targeted questions.”


“It’s saddening, I’ve had classmates that were Muslim. I never discrimnated, I feel it’s more harder for female Muslims. They should not discrimnate because of background, we bleed the same color of blood. I had no family member who practiced Islam.”




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