A Deadly Mix

Xavier Robinson, Writer

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In history there have been lots of very bad mixtures and reactions. Relationships, drugs, alcohol, etc. Lately I have been studying the deadly mix of insomnia and schizophrenia. Sleep deprivation itself is deadly. It can cause a full body shut down after a long period of time. They can die from heart failure and mainly and most noted, it can cause insanity.

Schizophrenia, depending on its type, can cause things such as hallucinations, false voices, and scattered thinking. Now under regular circumstances this won’t effect them that bad, in other words it can be controlled. These are better known as walls. These walls contain the outburst of chaotic and false thought inside a persons brain.

Now when you mix these two, already deadly, mental illnesses together, you come out with something that is not only harmful to the person, but to other people. I have learned that after a minimum of 4 days the person will start to speak randomly and sparatically, usually very aggressive. Your mind will instantly base itself around the easiest aura, usually the negative parts of the brain. At most a person at this rate could verbally hurt anyone without a care. At least no one could ever make sense of them.

About two days later they will become physically aggressive. Their senses will start to fade, so the body will react with adrenaline and rage from endorphins. This can cause people to lash out at others and think without concern of consequence.

After the next few days, they will eventually become primal beast, attacking all around them and doing their base instinct. Hunger and survival. After these following days the body will eventually fail and they will die, or they will finally sleep and die of organ failure.

This is something very real and we should be aware.

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