Mystery Of The Clay/Duval County Cultist

Xavier Robinson and Mia McKeever

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A lot of people have different opinions about Duval and Clay county. Some would say they are boring, some say they are just a bunch of pothead areas, some even say we are just another area that has its ups and downs. What surprised me the most, is everyone I have asked this question of opinion, not one person has ever said this place was interesting which is UNBELIEVABLE!

The things that happen around these counties are insane, and honestly its crazy how much it goes unnoticed. But no worries, I am determined to bring the monsters and creeps out to light. I encourage you to share and look out for these things, people that you may simply walk by or have those small glances with. Starting with the very first encounter I had with a cult in Florida.

Now, religion isn’t uncommon. In fact they are everywhere and honestly not many people pay much attention to them. Even ones such as Satanism, which in some respects isn’t necessarily bad or evil, just considered so by the larger influence of Christianity, are easily looked past by people who decide to reject religion and just pass these things off as unsettling. This does not mean that there are not evil religions, with darker more inhuman acts. In fact, the very cult sitting right under your noses worships such magic.

One of my old friends, who we are just gonna call Jenny to protect her identity, was deep into Satanism, and not the good kind. Specifically, she worshipped the demons of sin, studied the temptations and how they manipulated people into fufilling their fantasies. Cheating in relationships to cause chaos, stealing from parents, and even attacking others for sadistic pleasure. She had a special kind of hate for humanity, and an even more powerful love for its suffering. One day, we were talking about being apart of something greater, not just being bored all the time and being something. I was into anti-political revolutionism, while she was more interested in cults.

One day, she started to speak about this Greek goddess named Lyssa. She kept talking about this new study group she attended that talked a lot about this deity and that the group itself was advised to by our current guidance counselor. Later that day, I went and asked the counselor about it, but she had never heard of any group. Red flags instantly filled my head, but knowing how Jenny always reacted when someone called her a liar, I refrained from doing so. Instead, I did more research on this deity. Turns out this was a goddess of rage and madness. There were a lot of things to note about this goddess and I encourage you to go do your own research. Sadly, that isn’t what this article is covering.

I started digging around and asking some friends from different schools. I have a habit of finding, attracting, and befriending abnormal and out of the ordinary people, so I happen find out a lot, and surprisingly, the name ‘Lyssa’ wasnt that unknown. I was surprised by the people who knew and seemed to not want to stop talking about it after I mentioned it. Some of them even spoke of a group that talked about it, all with different scenarios and excuses for their group.

So is there a cult? It looks a lot like it. How big is it? Who knows. What I do know is, the majority of these people were not depressed, but they were very aggressive and did cut themselves or their significant. I advise you to not join or interact with this “group,” if you do happen to find them.