Ford Fundraiser by Ramirez

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As a student at westside high school, I want to send a special thanks to Coach Girgis for hosting the Ford Fundraiser. He raised $2,500 completely for the school. He went out of his way to contact his good friend Barry Keene who works for Ford to set up this fundraiser. Students and teachers were able to test drive 2019 Ford Explorer, F150 truck and Range Edge. Girgis only comment on the fundraiser was that he wished more teachers would have come out to support, and he was expecting to make about 8,000 for the school. Money that is raised during these types of school funraisers benefit not only students but teachers, administrators, and staff as well. Girgis will be running another fundraiser for the school this upcoming year, a gulf tournament in Fleming Island, which will be played by Alumnis. So, stay tuned for that.

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