A Inside Look to Coach Hen

Carl Tralynn and Mia McKeever

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Coach Hen is a new asset to our Wolverine staff, but he’s not new to the school. Nine years ago, he started coaching here, he chose to work here because he graduated here and feels that he can bring change to the school by developing a winning culture.

We asked Coach Hen how he likes working here at Westside, he says he’s enjoying it so far, but had to break up at least 5 altercations within the last two weeks. He feels his presence here at Westside can cut down on student violence, because people know not to play with him.

Coach Hen isn’t just apart of our staff, he’s also the head coach of the Westside Wolverines Boys basketball team. He states that he’ll only retire if his boys basketball team wins a state championship or when he dies. What a great dedication from a coach, which is what Westside needs! I asked Coach Hen how he felt about next season and he replied that he believes they can go back to district champs.

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