The Dark Author

Xavier Robinson, Reporter

Over the very few stories I have written over the past 4 months, NEVER have I written about the strange and macabre author behind the stories. You can ask many people at this school about me. They can tell you what I’m like, where I moved from, and even some of my attributes. Not one can tell you who exactly I am or what my story, or in this case STORIES, are. I am moving, most likely soon. I will be attending a new school next year and I doubt any of you will hear from me due to my coping skills to a life as such. So I will fill in some of the blanks, maybe you can discover your own mysteries, humans are some of the most amazing, curious, dark, demented, bright and hoky creatures that anyone could hope to come across. So let me start with a basic story. A beginning of sorts that will leave you wondering if its a good or bad story, a dark horror or a fairytail.

I will start off with some basic facts that are pretty well known. I am a 17 year old schizophrenic, I have alot of knowledge on psychology and am very good at putting off or reading a persons brain patterns. Though this is very hard to notice considering my childish and mad acts I use to keep myself distracted.

The truth is I was not always schizophrenic nor was I always so childish. As a kid I was very creative, though after growing up with no dad and always moving, never being able to keep friends or aknowledge being bullied, I became a full associated sociopath. I lacked character, bonds, or thought patterns that everyone else had considering I reset and changed everytime I moved, moving into fantasy after fantasy I created for myself.

While I cannot share some of the darker things that have happened in my life, I can say that my creativity was crushed, as was my friendly nature while still being able to hold a face as such for two years. I was out of place in the world, I had so many personalities, memories, and identity chrisis that I could never truly fit in. So I began my search on the human mind. Morality, fear, what it meant to be human and what happens to cracked minds. I gained a taste for the abnormal, Part of me wanting to help them, part of me wanting to disect there psychology.

Over the years I have dabbled in religion, satanism, rituals, wiccans, spirit cleansing, saging, but out of all my knowlege of this nothing could ever compare to my lifes work M17. Suddenly, I could put off whatever character I wanted, build any history I wanted, be whoever I wanted. I could speak social patterns fluently in a way that I dont think anything I do isn’t manipulative. But everything comes with a cost, and mine was my memory. The very brain I had valued so much was suffering, and hurting my physical body from memories that were and were not my own. Schizophrenia followed, constant states of lonliness, hunger, and boredom. When your whole life is artificial you start losing track of whats real and what isn’t. I spot the abnormal, the hurt from miles away. I have seen causes and effect take place so quickly that playing God was childsplay. But every gift can just as easily be a curse.

M17 is a very large subject and mental illnessess I have obtained over consequence is important but not what I wanna focus on. There is more, the other world, the creatures, my own daughter who never existed, The cult Tribe 13. The world around us isnt as basic as people think and I have lived through alot of the abnormal.

All of this has taken its toll, as I am now very sadistic, and manipulative. My last two solutions were, isolation and depression, or childish outburst that would help distract my brain while I wasn’t under the influence of music or skating.

I hope some of these keys can help you underdstand some of your questions, even if I haven’t shared the story behind them. There are many stories to come, and I hope to see your comments on the matter.