The Pieces of An Unseen Truth

Xavier Robinson, Reporter

So lately I have been studying and digging deep into my research on the human mind, other worlds, and some of the darkest, most poetic minds in history. What I found exactly (Which will not be shared in this story, but what the outcome around it is) was some of the craziest yet saddest things I have ever discovered.

One thing I discovered while digging through H.P. Lovecraft was a story in a video game based off his work. This story was about a man named Father Gascoign, and the terrible fate of the Gascoign Family. You see in this world, the people had discovered what was called the old blood. This blood was the blood of what they called “The Great Ones,” horrific creatures that they worshipped. These creatures’ blood could cure any physical illness, so the church who were linked to the founders of this blood, used it to seize control. The blood unfortunetely started turning people into horrific beasts, so the church trained these hunters to go out and kill these beasts. You are a hunter, the lore on this game is fascinating, and if you enjoy H.P. Lovecraft I advise looking into it.

You see, Father Gascoign was one of these hunters. A cleric of the church, eventually leaving after meeting the love of his life. He went on to have two daughters and a happy little family in this hellish world….that is, until the night of the hunt. The night of the hunt all hunters went out to fight these beasts, you being one of them, come across one of Gascoign’s daughters hiding inside her house alone. She asks you to find her lost parents, saying that they went out into the hunt and didn’t come back. When you accept this quest to go and find them, what you see is both sad, and horrifying. Gascoign is surrounded by many dead hunters and people, him standing over one slashing with his axe. Gascoign has given into the blood, turning into a beast, leaving you with nothing to do but to slay him using his daughter’s music box to frequently distract him with the painful memories of his family.

After the battle, you find the wife, dead on a roof nearby, killed by Gascoign. When you return to the little girl, you tell her to go to the cathedral ward, to be safe. But later on when you are in the sewers, you come across a giant pig boss. When you kill this beast, you find the little girl’s ribbon in its stomach, as the pig has eaten the girl. Later you find out that her sister HAD come back for her, and you explain what has happened. The second daughter and last of the Gascoign family, commits suicide not long after you tell her.

So you see, this story is a perfect example of what can happen while trying to be a hero. It truly proves that there really isn’t a line or really anything at all that is “good” and “evil.” Us humans are to minor to decide that truly, we can only make choices and decide for ourselves. For there is a whole universe, EVEN ON THIS PLANET, gone completely unseen. Monsters of unimaginable horrors, and Gods that live among us. In the end we are all damned to face our choices, and live through our own dreams. Whether its a good dream, or a horrid nightmare is up to you.