Why Does Crawford Smell So Bad?

Mia McKeever, Editor

Whenever there’s students inside or around Sgt. Crawford’s portable, there are many complaints about how funky it smells. Though, the gut-turning stench isn’t coming from Sgt. Crawford himself.

If you were to walk around the side of the portable where the air conditioner is, the smell of rotten cheese will get even stronger. If you’re far enough, you’ll see a cage trap with something furry in it.

About a week ago, there was a family of possums under a different portable, more specifically, Sgt. Newton’s. Pest Control was called with the promise that upon catching it, it’ll be relocated.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

“They didn’t come back to get it?” Mrs. Maraghy was disheartened to learn about the captured animal, “I’m reporting them; they just let him starve to death in the cage.”