Is Westside High school’s Dress Code Too Strict?

Arial Mosley and Caleb Thomasson

As a senior here at Westside, I’ve learned all about the rules of this school. Although, there is one specific thing that bothers me the most, and that would be the school’s dress code policy. Now of course i’m not saying there shouldn’t be a dress code, but I am saying that its too strict when it doesn’t have to be. For an example, students are not allowed to wear holes in their jeans that are “too high up.” Some of the adults here are biased against bigger girls, and taller girls. Personally, I have tried to wear skirts, but each time I am targeted for it being “too short” on me, but I am a very tall girl, therefore it seems like its too short but in reality its not. Another example would be tank tops, or off the shoulder shirts. I can’t understand how these types of shirts are a problem, when t-shirts can be just as “revealing” sometimes. This is high school, we are growing into young adults and we should not have such a strict policy for clothing. This dress code policy is not readying us for college or jobs, but rather restricting our creative expression and what we would prefer to wear. Ask yourself this, “do you really feel that dress code should be changed, or should it stay the way it is?”See the source image

This is a representation of how “petty” the dress code policy is. —–>