Lockers Free Or Fees?

Westside high has an estimated 1,500 students that are all receiving a locker whether or not they want one. Lots of students need lockers but to be fair a majority of students would rather not have one at all, none the less they are still getting 5 dollars tacked onto their student debt. I don’t see how this is fair, if they don’t want it why are they still being charged the school will make roughly 7,500 dollars off of this school years students. I just don’t see the point they justify their debt by saying it’s going to help the students be more prepared for class and it will give them no excuse for being late for class because they should be able to quickly grab their necessary supplies and be on the way, that seems reasonable right? Well kids were just fine without lockers in the past the only thing that has changed is the students debts to this school.


I asked 3 students that chose to remain anonymous how they feel.

How do you feel about the new locker policy?

Student 1: I’m a senior, meaning I’ve been at this school for a long time. I have not once used a single locker for the entire time that I’ve been here. I always saw lockers as “useless” because I carry around a binder that holds all of my materials that I need for class. None of the teachers have ever had a problem with me bringing in this binder therefore I have no use for a locker. So it’s completely unfair that I have to pay 5 dollars including another 5 for a gym locker that I will not be using as well.

Student 2: “I think its dumb, I’m not gonna use it so whats the point in having it?”

Student 3: “Unfair and Robbery!”

Do you think the debt will be a problem?

Student 1:  “I mean not everyone has 5 dollars to pay for a  locker.”

Student 2: “Yes, in the long run if they keep doing it, it will just add to peoples senior debts.”

Student 3: “Of course it will its unnecessary!”

Do you actually use your locker?

Student 1: “Never have never will.”

Student 2: “Fu*k no, I don’t even know the combination.”

Student 3: “NO.”

Why do you think the school is doing this?

Student 1: “Basically they’re being greedy by taking as much money as they want to fund pointless things.”

Student 2: “Because they’re broke!”

Student 3: “Activity’s , maintenance, maybe to pay the teachers?”

As you can see not all students agree with this new and out of the blue locker policy.