Why Are We Getting Metal Detectors?

  • What is your name?

Ms. Raulerson

  • Why use metal detectors?

They don’t use them often only if a threat is made through social media or other means of communication.

  • If the metal detector went off what would happen?

They search the students bags, pockets, and shoes and pull them to the side for personal talk.

  • Would students be late being in the lines to get scanned by metal detectors?

No, they would receive a pass to class

  • How is it going to keep us safe?

Metal detectors would prevent entry of dangerous weapons and contraband

  • How do we use it?

You walk through them, if you have something it will notify security immediately.

We asked similar questions to the school police officer, Officer Thompson

  • Who decided to install the metal detectors and why?

 The district decided to install the metal detectors because all of the school shootings.

  • Is it a state thing or just a district thing?

It’s a state choice but it’s the districts decision if metal detectors go in their schools or not.

  • When are the metal detectors going to start being put to use?

Not until we feel like they are needed to be put to use.

  • Have you experienced anything in previous schools that makes you strongly agree with the detectors?

No, I have only heard of everything that has happened.

  • Does it come out of schools pocket or police security pocket?

It comes out of the schools budget.

The last person we interviewed was Mr. Dieye we asked him,

  • How do you feel about them?

“I think they’re necessary because we don’t need anyone getting hurt…but at the same time some kids need protection if               they have to walk home after school. How can we protect them at that point?”

  • Have you worked at a school before that has metal detectors and have you ever seen anything get confiscated?

“No, I’ve only been a teacher in Jacksonville for 1 year”