Why Do Students Hate Edgenuity And Why To Love It?

rawan aboeid, writer

Why they hate it?

  1. The lessons are long and boring. Yes they are but they are also informative and have the basics of every decision we would make later on in life. It tells you what to avoid and why and how to earn more money.
  2. They prefer to do something more fun online like play games or listen to music. Fun have its own time that shouldn’t affect our school work time or studying time.
  3. They don’t like people telling them they are making stupid decisions when it comes to money. With us being teenagers we don’t like to listen and we think like its our money and we should enjoy life with it. On one side they are right they should have fun before we are out into the real world. But on the other side we should spend money on stuff what we need not want and make our little investments on items that we would not want to through away after the season is over.
  4. Some people do not have access to WIFI at home or don’t have a computer and that is okay. There is always laptops at the school and the local library there to help for no fee cause we are students. Also some teacher stay after school and they don’t mind you staying to do work.                                                                                                      So just sit there and enjoy it has helped some people.