Westside Changes

Mekilya Smith, writer

Here at Westside high the students are being FORCED to get lockers! This particular situation is causing a student vs. Admin wreck.The Admins are charging lockers towards students without any permission or notification which causes it to become part of the student debt if they don’t pay the day of. I asked 2 students and a admin their views for this and from there you could tell there’s a lot of controversy,

I asked 10th grader Jonae Paris which happens to be her first year at Westside how she feels about the lockers and she seems quite distressed about it. She states” I just don’t understand why their making us pay for lockers if i’m not going to use it, that’s  very unnecessary”. As you can you can tell as a female who only carries a purse to school why it would be getting on her bad side.

I later asked student Daniel Ledesma and he says “its stupid”. He also states” I don’t understand how you can force a student to pay for something u don’t want or need for the matter”. Daniel only carries a binder to school And he carries it to every class making the locker necessity seem highly not needed if he only needs one thing.

I then asked admin Timothy Durkin and he’s all for making us pay for the lockers. He says ” Its no ifs, ands, or buts about it and that we might as well receive our locker code because we’re charging you for it”. This being said is motive for the school to benefit financially and they believe it’ll help keep student belongings away such as backpacks and things that aren’t really class room worthy.

As you can see where the controversy starts and where it begins. Many students are outraged,while the Admins are self-assured. But what can you do about it ?