The 96%!

Robin Clark

Roni Aboeid, Christopher Abril, and Napoleon Butler are some of the few seniors that are in the 96%! The 96% represents Westside’s goal for college ready seniors. The seniors that are already part of the 96% were announced Friday, August 23 2019. Being apart of the 96% at Westside high school means that a student has satisfied the college readiness component of graduation requirements. You can become part of the 96% by becoming college ready in math and reading. In order for you to be college ready for reading you have to pass your 10th grade FSA reading test, get a score of 19 on the ACT or a score of 24 on the SAT Reading Subtest, and a  430 on the SAT EBRW. In order to be college ready for math you have to score a 114 on the pert, a score of 16 on the math ACT, and a 420 on the math SAT.