Mekilya Smith, Author

As everyone should know class of 2020 has finally stepped into the building ready to fulfill the shoes their going to walk across that stage with. Every Senior’s main focus is going through school peacefully put together and at the hand of fun without the drama. But in order to have fun they must pay the price of it. The senior packages our overall split into 3 and you pay based on choice.

I asked senior Aliyah Spann  how does she feel about the prices of them and she says its “TO D*mn High!”. I later asked Daniel Ledesma also a senior and he replied ” To F*ckn Much. And then I asked Caleb Thomasson  and he says ” BullSh*T! Cost to much!!”. As you can see all three seniors share similar mindset towards the price range.

I then asked Why do you think the prices are so high? Aliyah says its because they’re trying to rip us off. Daniel says ” ” Its no reason for it to be as high as if when we do these things solo it’s way cheaper. Caleb believes it to be neccessary at some point but could honestly be cheaper.

Besides the negative i further asked the seniors what are they interested in within the package. Aliyah and Caleb say only GradBash. And then Daniel says GradBash and Senior Breakfast. Together they all share common ideas towards the package it self in belief thats its overprice and some what unreasonable.