Thoughts On Early Release

Latanya Johnson, Author

  • How do you feel about one early release day a month?

Mekilya Smith: “It’s stupid, because it’s only shortened 30 minutes.”

Katheryn Muntain:  “I like it.”

Dean Davis: Early release days give students the opportunity to develop, and to work on skills to make school a better                  place, and we leave early so Dean Davis likes it.

Cedric Files: “I feel like we should have more early release days, every Wednesday.”

Mikayla Maylon: “I feel like it’s a waste of time, because it’s only once a month and we get out a couple minutes early                    there’s no point.”

  • Do you think it’s smart? If so why? if not why not?

Katheryn Muntain: “I think it’s smart because it’s more efficient: I think it’s an actual early release day because we get out           30 minutes earlier than prior years.”

Dean Davis: No comment

Cedric Files: “It’s dumb because we still can’t learn, I feel like it gives the students a break.”

Mikayla Maylon: “I don’t think so, I feel like if it’s only once a month just take it away.”