Teens Experience And Reasons.


Rowan Aboeid, writer


The hardest part about being a teenager is the raging hormones, heartbreaking, and social anxiety. As teenagers our body is growing as we officially turn into young adults.
Many teen rebel during this time period. Also with social networking as the main interest of today teens they make themselves vunerable. They allow people they don’ know to follow them risking their pictures getting used in photoshopped and sold somewhere. They also open themselves to cyber bullying which has taken the life of many teens and it continues.
Teens anxiety to fit in put them in danger as they try drugs and alcohol to be cool. As teens make decision to fit in they lose sight of who they really are. Teens also struggle to manage their money they get from their first job experience. They often spend it into expensive shoes, shirts, and purses. Also their first job can have a negative effect on their school work if they don’t manage their time correctly.
Another part that really affect teens during this period are family issues. Any instability can cause them to stray away from the right and can have a longtime effect of them. Teen always struggle to talk to adults about their problems cause they won’t understand. People clothing styles and behavior also change as they try to find themselves.
The best part about being a teenager is you get learn from your mistakes before you turn 18 and it counts against you. Your parents start to give you a little freedom and start accepting that soon you will be on your own and off to college. You get to learn through your parents about what is their responsibility as adults like their taxes and others. You can earn you can drive as soon as you turn 16 and earn the privilege.
You have an excuse to try new things cause you don’t have to worry about food or shelter. You can use that time to figure out who they want to be and their interest in careers as they start to think about the future. You also have a chance to try exciting things life partying which after 18 the prices are higher for drinks.
The memories you make and your friends give you the perfect experience. Teenage years are full of chances to make friends for life.

Why do teens skip school?

  1. Peer pressure .
  2.  To do drugs and alcohol.
  3.  They don’t like a class.
  4.  They have a friend in a class with a sub.
  5.  They don’t see what they learn in school as helpful afterward.
  6.  Their relationship sneak off to sleep their lover.


  1. Why do teens do drugs?
  2. Peer pressure.
  3. Problems at home.
  4. Relieve boredom.
  5. Feel good and happy.
  6. All the cool kids do it.
  7. Pain relieve.
  8. Belong somewhere.
  9. curious.


Why do teens not get enough sleep?

  1. Video games.
  2. The inability to balance their work and school work causes them to stay up late.
  3. talking to friends.
  4. To rebel against parent wishes to sleep earlier.