Why Do Kids Refuse To Give Up Their Cellphone?

Rowan Aboeid, writer

Although cellphones are private and no one should violate your right to keep a private life your teachers are not the ones to violate. Although its not in the constitution that we can have a right to privacy we can control who choose to respect it within our circles.

Your teachers main concern is to limit all possible distractions and provide the best place to learn. Students make the choice to text and speak on the phone in class and it does not only distract them but others around them as well.

They refuse to give up their cellphone cause it’s a simple act of rebellion that comes with the raging hormones. Tons of consequences comes with such devices. Such as less time with family, a video game obsession, and possibly fall victim to cyber-bullying.

Since teachers are not allowed to yell at the kids or hit them they choose the second best thing which is to take what matters to them. Some people might argue that teachers have no rights to do that but kids also have no right to disrespect them through it. Your message is not a life crisis and your friends will not die if they don’t know what your boyfriend/girlfriend said they can wait.

I know that a phone can be stolen within the jail cell and one was stolen earlier in the year from Ms. Axelrod’s class during the release bell sounding for transitioning of class and now she has to buy him a new one. Don’t put yourself or your parents in a situation where they have to come and hear how disrespectful you’ve been to your teachers. There have been many fights around the school and the filming went all over social media. The school got many negative publicity and they have a right to protect their image plus someone getting beaten up is not funny or cool.