How is the esol students enrollment in classes with the language barrier?

Cacheldia Pierre

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Q:What esol stand for?

A:English speakers of  foreign language

Q:why its easier for esol student understand  English   than speak it?

A:because understanding its more easier  for them to process than speak it out loud might make them a little nervous

Q:why esol student tend to speak English to  another student but don’t speak it with teachers ?

A:because social talk its more comfortable for them to  talk to another person same age range as them  than do academic talk  which can take 5 years to achieve.

Q:compare from last year how is the esol students differ?

A:they are more motivate and ask questions when don’t understand.

Q:how do you manage  to  understand  the esol students with the language barrier ?

A:the esol department include a new translator  named Ms. Oliva  to translate when need it .

Q:whats your goal for esol students this year ?

A:the goal is for them to understand also speak English and to meet the graduation requirements .

Q:is the esol students increase or decrease this year?

A:the esol students definitely increases its about 140 students this year.

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