College Is Here


Rawan, writer

College can be expensive and the only way to pay or what people think it is loans but that is not true. Student can get money from grants and scholarships or getting a 1290 on the SAT to get tuition waived for. Many colleges offer full ride but some offer partial. But don’t worry there are multiple sites are there to help you like FAFSA which offer both grants and scholarships and Fastweb, Cappiex and others. Money can come from all over whether colleges ,bright future which need 100 community service hour to qualify , Merit scholarship or foundations. They are tons of scholarships money that go unclaimed even for the silliest reasons like being left handed and many more.

Applying for FAFSA require legal tax documents. You may not lie cause you can be sent to jail and have to pay a fine. It takes up to a few days to get either approved or rejected. You can speed up the process by linking it to the IRS. The estimated time it take is one hour or two. Before submitting your application you should vertify that all info are there and make sure to but your parents FSA Id which have to be created and you may not use the same phone number. You will need the basic info and social security number and a safe key. When creating a FSA and needing assistance you need the owner of the ID to call and verify that they know about the account. Signing does not involve writing your name but your FSA Id and your parents. They give you a chance to write about your college living options, college of your choice, and your own financial info as well as your parents.

Choosing a college can be stressful for some especially with the fact that mostly outside JAX. Moving away from home can be stressful but the new living arrangement, new expenses, and transportation. Before you choose a college look up whether you need a new driver license for that state before you get trapped. Also look up the employment rate of a college you are interested in which can take the eyes off you or put it on you. Avoid going to private colleges and colleges and universities for profit they are expensive and if you can’t pay money for a public college you definitely can’t pay for a private.