Ash Parks, Madison Allen, and Alyssa Marquez

There are many conflicted opinions about astrology, ranging from a religious following to the downright denial of its existence altogether. With this in mind, we asked a few students to lend their opinion about the topic. 

I don’t know, it’s probably real since the stars are big immense powerful things with so much energy, so they probably affect us all in some way more than we think” – Madison Allen 

I used to think astrology was just a cool coincidence when it was right, but as time has gone by, there are so many similarities between people with the same signs that there’s no doubt in my mind there’s fact behind it all” – Alyssa Marquez

Even though my religious faith doesn’t believe in astrology as something to look up onto, I personally believe that there is a religious being or beings that are a part of the space above which is why some people believe in it” -Heaven Bates 

I personally don’t believe in it” Xephyrilis Pamela

I believe in it, astrology to me is a little weird at times but I believe in a lot of things that are weird to other people” – Joshlyn Miller

I think that astrology is pretty cool from the little information that I have on it“- Arial Mosley

My personal opinion on the topic is that it’s real. If the moon can affect the ocean tides and the hormones in our bodies, then the astrological placements on the days we were born affect us as well. Too many times I’ve seen people who share the same sign have similar traits and tendencies, it’s made reading people and predicting their actions easy. Its also saved me the headache of dealing people I’m not compatible with” Ash parks