Colleges Fees And Offers

Colleges Fees And Offers

Rawan Aboeid, writer

Although college is so expensive its not uncommon for students to get tons of scholarships. Each year billion dollar of scholarships goes unclaimed even though lots of them are silly. Even though if you got all the college paid don’t stop applying for scholarships you could actually get money to study or spoil yourself.

colleges                                tuition                          SAT scores                 ACT scores            Type

(in-state-out range)

Stetson University     47,000-60,000                 1201-1300                    26-29                  Private

University Of Florida   6,350-22,000                  1350-1430                  28-32                   Public

Jacksonville University   38,000-42,000           1041-1100                   24-27                   Private

Florida State College At Jax   6,000-10,000                      Don’ care about tests              Public

University Of North Florida     7000-21,000      1130-1300                  21-26                     Public

Florida State College              7,000-22,000        1300-1400                28-32                     Public