Why Is America Not The Greatest Country In The World?

Rawan Aboeid, writer

  1.  So deeply in debt. The chances of america starving is high considering the chances of future conflicts.
  2. Although freedom is greatly expressed in america its not the only place there is.
  3. The immigration restrictions separating families.
  4. No right to privacy.
  5. Entered Iraq for helping and caused more harm than good and soldiers still die there.
  6. Have entered a war in the past just so won’t look like cowards.
  7. Were not the first to advance in air weapons in face not even the seconds.
  8. Its education system is not the best.
  9. Many victims get hurt through the legal system as predators slide.
  10. Kicked the native Americans and tried to force them into agricultural.
  11. Lot of blood paths to earn this huge land.
  12. US poverty is the highest among developed countries.
  13. Racism continued even decades after slavery was over.
  14. Currently the president meets with north Koreans which communism ideas Americans fought for their whole lives.
  15. Home to the highest number of obese.
  16.  There is a high number of teen suicides.