Rawan Aboeid, writer

Secret #1 –Financial Aid Is Not What It Seems

Secret #2 –Courses and Professors Listed in the College Catalog Might Not Be Available

Secret #3 –You Could Be Required to Take College Courses Elsewhere

Secret #4 –Students Get Pushed Out of Classrooms and Into Computer Labs

Secret #5 –Your College Might Want You to Drop Out

Secret #6 –State and Public Colleges are Losing Their Bargain Status

Secret #7 Colleges are Doing Weird Things to Achieve Higher Rankings

Secret #8 –Colleges Favor Income-Producing Applicants

Secret#9-colleges check out your social media and use it for first impression.

secret#10- wait listed isn’t guaranteed admission.

secret#11- They get pressured to let poor grades slide and admitted outright that students who have the ability to pay full tuition are accepted regardless of academic performance.

Secret#12-College admission isn’t as strict as it appears.

Secret#13-Lot of faculties aren’t trained to teach.

Secret#14- You shouldn’t buy books from them its cheaper online.