Pep Rally Cancelling

Jazmyn Starks

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Miracle Stephens-

What are our thoughts about the pep rally cancelling?

“it doesn’t really concern me, i don’t have interest in the pep rally.”

Do you think the pep rally should be cancelled?

“Yes, the pep rally should be cancelled because kids at Westside are always bad”


Do you think Ms. Rolerson should have cancelled the pep rally?

“I think Ms.Rolerson is thinking about herself”

Do you think there will ever be another pep rally this year?

“There is going to be more fights and food fights left if she continues to cancel the pep rally’s- I wish Dr. Bostic was back”


Mr. D

What are your thoughts on the pep rally cancelling?

“It stinks that everyone has to suffer for someone else mistakes, but yes it should have been cancelled.” “I dont like the way the pep rally is”