Are Seniors Paying Too Much?


It’s not easy being a senior at Westside High school.  Senior packages range from $80-450. Not to mention even if you do not want to buy a package, you have to pay the $80 dollars as the commencement fee. The cap and gown is not included in these senior packages. The cap and gown cost $60 or up, depending on what you want to buy. You have to get your cap and gown to be able to graduate. Taking senior pictures cost nearly $50 or higher to take outside of school, and they don’t tell you that you can get your pictures for free until the senior year starts. I would also like to mention that the school gave off false advertisement, because when i paid $450 dollars to have “everything” paid for my senior stuff, they wanted more money for senior week to be included in fun activities, which I thought I would get for free from my package. One thing that seniors are very upset about is the fact that they paid for a VIP lanyard for senior week and they still had to pay for some of the events included in it like the senior lunch from the food truck. The seniors that paid for the $35 field trip also have to pay for their own lunch that day. This also comes right after the week our senior package payments had to be paid. This school expects us to pay more than we can give.