The troubles of a Senior:

mekilya smith, Alliyah spann, writing

As a westside wolverine in my 12th grade year just like others have been the most stressful. As a senior we have to work to pay off senior packages. Keeping our grades up. Lastly, getting over senioritis.  All this builds up and represents our attendance. Us participating or even trying to be an energetic student when we’re just overly ready to finish the year.

Starting off with the senior packages. They’re about $400-500 which is very expensive for just for several. Because of us wanting to have a fun year we have to pay these events off resulting in us working extra hard and hours in order to pay off these things on top of having side things to pay for that are just important. And because of us working so hard we’re more tired and less active in class.

Now keeping our grades up is next because we’re trying to balance everything out. We have 8 classes until a half schedule appears and you have to go through hell and back just to receive one. We put our selves in overdrive just to complete what we can.

Lastly, SENIORITIS!! we’re over the year!like seriously and so its so hard for us to get over it because we’re tired and just want our diploma.

Alliyah Spann Pov

Senior year is the worst year by far. Between the administrators and the teachers and the students this is the worst school to go to for your senior year. This is not the school i would choice to go to if i had the chance. I ABSOLUTELY HATE WESTSIDE HIGH SCHOOL. they ripped us off for one we had to pay 450 then had to pay another 45 for senior week and i dont understand why we have to keep coming out of pocket for this lame a** senior week. I wish i went to a different school because this is the worst senior year. They dont care about the senior they only care about money and their selves.