Upcoming Wrestling Matches

Ashlee Parks, Alyssa Marquez, and Madison Allen

Westside High School’s Wrestling team has two upcoming matches they’d love to see you at! Friday’s match is at 8AM and Saturday’s is at 2PM, both at Ridgeview High School. Come show your support for our school!
Those interested in wrestling for Westside High School still have the chance! Sign-ups are still open, just see Coach McNeally in the ISSP room. Practice is every day after school from 3-4:30PM.
After to speaking to student Dakota Smith who’s on the wrestling team, I learned there’s an estimated 20 boys and 3 girls participating. Near the end of our short interview, she had some encouraging words.
I: What do you enjoy most about wrestling?
D: The atmosphere.
I: Could you elaborate?
D: No one’s worried about anyone else. They’re all focused on their own thing.
I: Is there anything you don’t enjoy?
D: (immediately) No.
I: What would you say to girls who want to join but are too nervous?
D: Honestly, just go for it. Women are underestimated and can usually be the strongest ones out there.
Who: Coach McNeally
What: Wrestling matches at Ridgeview (Fri. 8AM, Sat. 2PM)
Where: ISSP Room
When: Practice at 3:00PM to 4:30PM
Why: Broaden your horizons