Almost wasn’t queen

Jatisa McCray

On October 12 2019 I was crown your 2019 homecoming queen . I was so happy . Truth be told i could not believe little ole me won .  I didn’t expect to win . I had very supportive friends throughout the whole process .  They help me pass out food and drinks . They also campaign me very well . They help pull me out my comfort zone . Thank you Syniah , Maddison , Jasmine and Lisa . On the very last day of homecoming practice I almost drop out the competition due to nervousness . I was overwhelmed because i really wanted to win .  Right before I was about to go Ms.Collier to tell her i didn’t want to run any more ,Lisa stopped me . She ask me what was wrong and I told her . She begged me not to drop out . She comfort me and boosted my self esteem back up . I  am very thankful for her .Then boom at the football game during half time I was announced your 2019 Home Coming queen . ” Your homecoming queen Ms. Jatisa McCray .” I screamed and jumped and enjoy my moment . I am happy I didn’t drop out the competition . When you address me say queen please and thank you .