Possible WW3

Rowan Aboeid, Writer

We all seen the memes about an upcoming war but you cant believe all you see or hear. The countries never have been complete friends without benefit so when there is a disturbance it does not mean war. Just because there are rumors does not mean people or presidents will act irrational. More than half the world got nuclear power so even the possibility means death to the whole earth so its not possible. Just because countries stepping on each other does not mean hate but envy. The world have never been a quite place there are wars all around like Syria, Iraq, and Palestine and many others who now simply don’t have the power to fight on a global scale simply internal. Lot of weapons testing go wrong a simple apologize or denial might stall it. people are terrified from the damage. Although people gain money from war they still like to be alive long enough to enjoy it without radiation.