Arial and Joshlyn’s Winter Break

Arial Mosley and Joshlyn Miller


My winter break was pretty fun I guess. A friend of mine flew out from California to come and see me, which was really fun. We went to the mall together, ate out at restaurants, and got a lot of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” merchandise as well as “Rick and Morty” merchandise. We binge watched “Naruto Shippuden” and “You.” I enjoyed Christmas with my family, because most of us did our best to make everyone feel included. I also hung out with my cousin quite often, he made things interesting. We played cards against humanity, and other games of that nature. The stuff that I got as Christmas presents included many decorations for my room, so I tried to put everything in place. So, I think I had a pretty good break. However, one of the worst things about my break was trying to get to places. I either had to Uber around with my friend, or give my dad more gas money than needed to get around.


The best part about my break was spending time with my girlfriend and her family. I had a lot of time to sleep too, I hung out with my friends that came to Jacksonville to visit me. The worst part though was  having to come back to school.